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Affiliated Local Groups

Affiliated Groups are separate and independent of The BSD. Some groups specialise in certain areas of dowsing, others are general interest. Each group is run by volunteers who set their own programmes. Find your local group below.

Showing 29 groups.

  • Bristol Dowsers

    Bristol Dowsers are an active group with wide ranging dowsing interests. We meet twice a month on the first and third Friday of the month and have over 4 outdoor events a year. The first Friday meeting is always for beginners to come along and learn...

  • Cardiff Dowsing and Holistic Group.

    Cardiff Dowsing and Holistic Group.

    We are open Group and anyone can come, no need to book, but it's advisable to check the time and place of the meeting. We believe everybody can dowse and our main objective is to teach and learn to dowse. We provide an introduction to dowsing to...

  • Cheltenham Dowsers

    Cheltenham Dowsers

    Founded in May 2009, we are an active and social group with a growing membership. We are affiliated with the British Society of Dowsers and our focus is on the core dowsing applications: Archaeology, Earth Energies, Health and Well-Being, Water...

  • Devon Dowsers (Chulmleigh)

    Devon Dowsers (Chulmleigh)

    DEVON DOWSERS is a flourishing local group of people of all ages devoted to the promotion, use and investigation of all the many facets of dowsing. From September to May, there are regular meetings for invited Speakers, Discussions and Practical...

  • Dorset Dowsers

    Dorset Dowsers

    Dorset Dowsers group was formed in April, 2010 and is affiliated to the British Society of Dowsers. We are a very friendly group of like minded people who enjoy and explore the amazing world of dowsing.

  • Essential St. Edmunds (Bury St. Edmunds)

    We run field trips and meetings throughout Suffolk , Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex and parts of eastern Herts. Please contact Derek at for meeting details or phone 01284-811120

  • Hampshire Archaeological Dowsers

    The HADS aims are to encourage the study and advancement of the knowledge and scientific principles of dowsing in all forms and applications, but particularly for archaeology. This includes: · locating and surveying sites of known or potential...

  • International Association of Health Dowsers (IAHD)

    International Association of Health Dowsers (IAHD)

    The IAHD is an association formed especially for qualified therapists, energy and health workers who use dowsing or would like to use dowsing skills to support their work. It is also an association for those wishing to learn how to use dowsing and...

  • Kent Dowsing

    No description provided...

  • Leicestershire & Rutland Dowsers

    Leicestershire & Rutland Dowsers

    We are a friendly group interested in the many facets and uses of dowsing. Bimonthly meetings are held on Saturday mornings (Feb, April, June, August, Oct, Dec) in Wanlip, Leicestershire. Each meeting features a dowsing related speaker and...

  • London & Thameside Dowsers (East)

    We are a very friendly group and welcome those seriously interested. Our meetings explore a wide variety of subjects including Divining, Healing, Earth Energies, Radionics and Psychometry. The group covers the London and Thameside area and meets...

  • London & Thameside Dowsers (West)

    No description provided...

  • Malvern Dowsers

    Covering Greater Malvern, N. Herefords & Worcester. Meets monthly in Great Malvern

  • Middlesex & Surrey Archaeology Dowsers

    We meet once a month alternating each month with a meeting at the Rose of York pub ( e.g. June 4th,Aug 6th,Oct 7th, Dec 10th.2016) and a site visit ( e.g. May 7th, July 30th, Sept.3rd, Nov.5th. Earlier site visits have been to Westminster Abbey...

  • Northumberland Dowsers

    Regrettably, the group is on hiatus and is not currently meeting.

  • Ridings Dowsers (N. Yorks)

    Ridings Dowsers (N. Yorks)

    We currently hold our meetings once a month throughout the year. In the winter months we hold lectures/workshops in the village hall at Aldborough, Boroughbridge, whilst the remainder of the year we visit and dowse sites of interest which will cover...

  • Slimbridge Dowsers

    Slimbridge Dowsers

    We are a very active group with at least two meetings a month, occasionally more. Unless otherwise stated in our quarterly Newsletter, we usually meet in Kingshill House, Dursley on the second Thursday of the month at 2.30pm, and the fourth...

  • Somerset Dowsers

    Somerset Dowsers

    The Somerset Dowsers is an Affiliated Group of the British Society of Dowsers (BSD). We are based in Taunton, and welcome members and guests from around the County, and beyond. The group has a range of members from novice to expert and...

  • South Herefordshire Dowsers

    Meetings are held at Aston Ingham Village Hall unless otherwise stated, commencing promptly at 7.30pm. on the first Thursday of the month.

  • Sussex Dowsers (Chichester)

    No description provided...

  • Tamar Dowsers

    Tamar Dowsers

    Cornish dowsing group based in Launceston. Tamar Dowsers group was formed in 2002, its intention being to serve the border-lands of Devon and Cornwall. This is an area rich in prehistoric remains, as well as sites of ecclesiastical and industrial...

  • Thames Valley Dowsers

    Thames Valley Dowsers

    TVD was founded in 2005 and is affiliated to the British Society of Dowsers. Our membership averages around 30 people and is drawn mainly from the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire area.

  • The Denman Dowsers

    The Denman Dowsers are a support group of mainly W.I Dowsers. We have been meeting at the W.I Denman College for 21 years with courses on health, ancient sites and the environment.

  • Trencrom Dowsers (Cornwall)

    Trencrom Dowsers (Cornwall)

    Trencrom Dowsers is based in wild and beautiful West Penwith, Cornwall. We are affiliated to the British Society of Dowsers and our focus is on the core dowsing applications: Archaeology, Earth Energies, Health and Well-Being, Water. New...

  • Waverley Dowsers (Godalming)

    Waverley Dowsers (Godalming)

    Our purpose is to bring together like-minded people to exchange ideas, and to provide opportunities to learn more about the art of dowsing. Complete beginners and more experienced dowsers are all welcome. We meet every two months and offer a broad...

  • West Wales Dowsers

    The Society was formed in 1993 by a group of like-minded people wanting to explore and encourage the different aspects and uses of Dowsing and Divining. We believe we are one of the biggest dowsing societies in the UK with over fifty members of...

  • Westmorland Dowsers

    Westmorland Dowsers

    Cumbria-based group A warm welcome to Westmorland Dowsers We normally meet at Shap Memorial Hall on the Main Street in Shap on the last Saturday of the month (check our website). Kettle will be on at 10am for 10:30 start All are welcome...

  • Wyvern Dowsing Society

    Wyvern Dowsing Society

    The meeting normally has a speaker who will be a well-known expert in their field. Non members are welcome for which a small admission charge is made. Wyvern Dowsing Society Members are admitted free. The Society also holds regular field trips...

  • Yorkshire & N. Lincolnshire Dowsing Group

    We are a group of friendly dowsers who have been meeting regularly since 2005. Our interests cover all aspects of dowsing and our meetings are correspondingly varied to include all interests. We hold talks and outings within our large rural area...

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