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The British Society of Dowsers offer a broad range of dowsing courses and workshops with something to suit no matter what your level of experience or area of interest.

Our BSD course programme will enable you to learn in depth from the very beginning how to dowse within the four main areas of dowsing; Health, Archaeology, Earth Energies and Water. 

Our Course structure begins with the Foundation In Dowsing course. From there students can progress into each of the four main topic areas.  Our courses are progressive and we ask that students work through them in order to ensure continuity of learning. Scroll down to see courses currently available in 2017.

Introduction to Water Dowsing Introduction to Archaeological Dowsing (A1) Introduction to Dowsing for Health (H1) Introduction to Earth Energies (EE1)
Advanced Archaeological Dowsing (A2) Advanced Dowsing for Health (H2) Understanding Geopathic Stress (EE2)
Understanding Geopsychic Stress (EE3)
Understanding Power Centres (EE4)
Working with Power Centres (EE5)
Technopathic Stress (EE6)

Additional knowledge from our Spring Symposium, Annual Conference, Special Interest Events and Masterclasses enhance your skills to make a truly rounded and practised dowser, ready to share the knowledge you have gained with others.

Course programme 2017

October 14th & 15th

Understanding Geopathic Stress (EE2) with Grahame Gardner, Regent University, Regent's Park, London.    

BOOKING CLOSED! Please contact the office if you wish to be placed on waiting list for next EE2 course!

The aim of the course is to teach the basic principles of dowsing for Geopathic Stress and other unhealthy earth energies as well as the required terminology

Objectives: At the end of the course, the students will be able to: Select a healthy site for living/working; Identify geomantic problems; Use the basic skills necessary for successful identification of Geopathic Stress and effect harmonizing; Show that they understand the risks inherent in dowsing for geopathic stress and the support available to them; Apply the BSD Ethical Code.

November 11th & 12th

Understanding Geopsychic Stress (EE3) with Grahame Gardner, Capel Manor College, Regent's Park, London.

BOOKING CLOSED! Please contact the office if you wish to be placed on the waiting list for the next EE3 course!

The aim of the course is to give instruction and guidance in working with energetic trauma and displacement in landscape and place. At the end of the course students will be able to: Creatively work with and treat geopsychic stress; Show that they understand cases of spirit trauma, both human and non-human; Explain the issues of place memory and curses; Demonstrate that they understand and can work with psychic boundaries and portals; Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of issues in a wider landscape and regional context.

November 25th

Dowsing and Feng Shui with Peter Stott, Ashorne Village Hall, Ashorne, Warwickshire

FULLY BOOKED!! Thank you for your interest in this course.

In this one day workshop you will learn the basic principles of Feng Shui, the theory of Yin and Yang and the interaction of the Five Elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood which are used in many aspects of Eastern philosophy. You will learn how to place the energetic map over the floor plan of your home to reveal the areas of good fortune, fame and recognition, relationships, well being and more.

At the conclusion of the workshop you will see that Feng Shui is not magic, it is not a substitute for dealing with practical realities and you can’t solve problems just by moving furniture. What you will find is that it gives you the opportunity to reach beyond the mundane and stretch the limits of possibility. Just imagine what is possible and go from there. Think of it as rearranging your life from the inside out.

The wonderful thing about this workshop is that it will show you how dowsing, withjust some basic Feng Shui knowledge, will help you come to the right answers to makethe changes in your home that will mirror the changes that you are seeking in your life.

This workshop will be lead by BSD Registered Tutor Peter Stott who was one of the first Feng Shui practitioners in the UK to be accredited by the Feng Shui Society. He has taught our Introduction and Foundation courses for many years as well as some of the Earth Energies curriculum. With his wife Jillian, herself a Feng Shui Master, he has visited homes throughout the UK and Europe conducting Feng Shui and Dowsing consultations and has many anecdotes to bring this fascinating subject to life.

£50 members/£75 non-members

Watch this space for 2018 Courses coming soon!!


Cancellation of a Booking

Cancellation made more than two months prior to the event: Full refund

Cancellation made between two months and one month before the event: 75% refund

Cancellation made one month (or less) prior to the event: No refund