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Here we answer some frequently asked questions about dowsing and the BSD.

Q. How do I become a member?

A. Anyone can become a member! You do not have to be able to dowse as beginners are always very welcome. Dowsers are friendly people who are delighted to share their knowledge. Check out our Membership price plans and click on the join us today button on the right hand side of the page!

Q. Where can I find a dowsing community near me?

A. If you'd like to find local groups and dowsing events, take a look at our local groups page . These affiliated Groups are separate and independent of The BSD. Some groups specialise in certain areas of dowsing, others are general interest. Each group is run by volunteers who set their own programmes. By using the search options on the right hand side of the page you can enter your location and look for groups closest to you!

Q. What events are being run and how do I book?

A. Take a look at our events pages - national or local, where we have events as well as reviews from previous gatherings. At the bottom of each event posting there are 'related links'. Click on these for the booking forms and email or post to the British Dowsers office.

Q. How can a professional Dowser help me?

A.  There are so many ways dowsing can used in our world today, everything from finding leaks in water pipes, identifying food allergies and clearing bad energies. Our carefully cross referenced professionals offer a wide range of services. Take a look at our professionals page and use the search options on the right hand side to find a person who specialises in the area you need help with.