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Local Group Events

Keep up to date with the latest events related to dowsing posted by our local affiliated groups.

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  • Thu 27th Jul - AGM + Talk – Dartmoor Mindscapes: Re-visioning a Sacred Landscape – Peter Knight

    Event date: 27th July 2017

    Peter returns to give us an inspiring talk about his new ground-breaking book about his research, including profound personal experiences, based on ‘cognitive archaeology’. He reveals intricate relationships between tor outcrops and other natural...

    Source: Somerset Dowsers

  • Castle Bolton near Leyburn

    Event date: 30th July 2017

    Castle Bolton near Leyburn 11am to 4pm

    Source: Ridings Dowsers (N. Yorks)

  • Effects of Sound

    Event date: 5th August 2017

    August's speaker is sound therapist Priyesh Katariya. We are all affected by noise - such as music, speech, traffic ... Together we'll explore the effects of different sounds and experience either a gong bath or a sound bath. August 5th, 10am...

    Source: Leicestershire & Rutland Dowsers

  • August relaxation time!

    Event date: 5th August 2017

    As in previous years, there will not be a Trencrom Dowsers' trip this month. Now is the time to retire from the crowds. Rods with accompanying picnics will be in action again in September.

    Source: Trencrom Dowsers (Cornwall)

  • Mandy Bennett, Healing with Dowsing

    Mandy Bennett, Healing with Dowsing

    Event date: 13th August 2017

    IN CHAPTER. This meeting will be mainly on Healing with Dowsing with elements of NLP. Mandy will show us practical application of Dowsing for finding out which foods and substances are beneficial and which detrimental to us. Plenty of Dowsing...

    Source: Cardiff and District Dowsers

  • Group Meeting

    Event date: 2nd September 2017

    Meeting at the Rose of York pub,Petersham Road, Richmond, Surrey. 2pm Discussing our site visits and visits for the future.

    Source: Middlesex & Surrey Archaeology Dowsers

  • House Healing according to Christian Kyriacou

    House Healing according to Christian Kyriacou

    Event date: 10th September 2017

    Grace will present Christian's comprehensive system which he developed over 30 years. This system includes: Geomancy, Earth Energies, Dowsing, Sacred Geometry, Fenh Shui, communicating with Higher Spirits and Angels, House Healing and helping to...

    Source: Cardiff and District Dowsers

  • Bosigran trip

    Event date: 17th September 2017

    Today we shall be dowsing at Bosigran cliff castle close to the sea and, with a short walk along the coast path, to a nearby courtyard settlement. Was King Arthur's mother, Igraine, living here at Bosigran as the stories go - in which case was...

    Source: Trencrom Dowsers (Cornwall)

  • Dowsing at Becket Chapel, Wymondham

    Event date: 1st October 2017

    Dowsing at Becket Chapel, Wymondham

    Source: Essential St. Edmunds (Bury St. Edmunds)

  • “Sacred sites intuitive energy art” by Frances Whitman

    Event date: 4th October 2017

    Starting at 7.30pm

    Source: Cheltenham Dowsers