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Keep up to date with the latest news and events related to dowsing posted by The British Society of Dowsers and its affiliated groups. You may click here to view Events postings only if you wish, or use the search filter options on the right.

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  • BSD Conference 2014 Launched

    19th Apr '14

    Event date: 5th September 2014

    5 - 7 September, Keele University, Staffordshire. BOOK NOW Come and see the Barefoot Doctor, Stephen Russell, Raymon Grace, Dr John Ward, Alanna Moore, Phillipa Langley and Gary Biltcliffe and Carolline Hoare plus a plethora of amazing workshops!

    Source: The British Society of Dowsers

  • Eclipse dowsing in April 2014

    4th Apr '14

    There are two eclipses coming up this month, which will provide unparalleled opportunities for Earth Energy Dowsing. We have a lunar eclipse on 15th and a solar one on 29th. (See the NASA eclipse website for full details of times). Neither are in...

    Source: The British Society of Dowsers - The Earth Energies Group

  • A Confluence of Earth Energy and Water & Site Dowsing (EEG)

    3rd Apr '14

    Event date: 31st May 2014

    Join our combined groups for a great weekend of dowsing. Meet with friends old and new. Situated in the area of historic Bury St Edmunds there is plenty to keep you busy. Music and quiz on Saturday evening! The weekend caters for beginners through...

    Source: The British Society of Dowsers - The Earth Energies Group

  • AGM &  Bring and Share lunch.  Shap Memorial Hall

    AGM & Bring and Share lunch. Shap Memorial Hall

    31st Mar '14

    Event date: 6th December 2014

    This is WD's final meeting of 2014. As usual, the kettle will be on in Shap Memorial Hall from 10am for a 10.30am start and we aim to finish around 3pm, possibly earlier if the weather is poor. We will start with the AGM which should not take...

    Source: Westmorland Dowsers

  • Past events Held by the Tamar Dowsers

    28th Mar '14

    From 2002 onwards, the Tamar Dowsers have held field trips, attended events and hosted presentations on several occasions each year. The numbers attending have varied from a handful to 60 or more. Although originally intended to be local group...

    Source: Tamar Dowsers

  • 28th June 2014: Grahame Gardener workshop

    27th Mar '14

    Event date: 28th June 2014

    28th June: Speaker: Grahame Gardener, Geomancer and current BSD President. Shap Memorial Hall. Further details to be announced.

    Source: Westmorland Dowsers

  • Wellness group Summer Meeting

    25th Mar '14

    Event date: 28th June 2014

    Welcome to the summer meeting of the new look Wellness Group. We have four very exciting speakers covering a diverse and important range of subjects; all trying to help us to lead a healthier way of life. Shân Rose on ‘How intent and meditative...

    Source: The British Society of Dowsers - The Wellness Group

  • Whaley Hall visit 10th Aug 2014

    24th Mar '14

    The group have been asked if we can help out with some dowsing research that has already been done on site with regards to wells etc.

    Source: Greater Manchester Dowsers

  • The Spine of Albion Talk and Walk in Manchester

    24th Mar '14

    Event date: 20th June 2014

    Our group is very pleased to welcome Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare who are going to give a talk on their excelent book "The Spine of Albion" the culmination of 15 years of research. The talk is on the 20th June at our meeting place in Bury The...

    Source: Greater Manchester Dowsers

  • The power of menstruality: a woman’s inner medicine *Alexandra Pope*

    21st Mar '14

    Event date: 21st May 2014

    Menstruality is the female life process of menarche, the menstrual cycle, menopause and the mature years. It describes the precise and multi–layered biological, psychological and spiritual system of evolution that lies within the female body. In...

    Source: Malvern Dowsers