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What Cardiff Dowsers did in 2016?

28th October 2016

Source: Cardiff and District Dowsers

10th January, Dowsing our meeting Hall and the St Mary’s Church

14th February, Music, sound and sacred geometry, Francis Lickerish

Exploring how Sacred geometry of time can be accessed through sound.

13th March, The Consciousness of Water, Fay Palmer

10th April, Soul Rescue, 4 hour workshop, Adrian Incledon-Webber

There are very few properties that do not have unwanted house guests, even brand new homes can have a lost soul wandering around them.

During his talk Adrian will outline why some souls don’t automatically go to the light and why they stay behind. Why they can be detrimental, how to appease them and how to help them move into the light to fullfil their destiny.

15th May, West Kennet Long Barrow and the Neolithic Shamans, Peter Knight

8th June, Dowsing Practice & Impact of Philosophy of Dowsing on Dowsing Practice, Grace & Andrew Edgar

We will explore the idea that by dowsing we are listening to messages, which are like instructions to the MP3 player from the world around us. We will check with dowsing how crystals respond to various music.

10th July, Manifestations and Pictograms/Geoglyphs., Bill Holding

St Lythans. We will be finding pictograms using dowsing tools, dowsing Nodal Points and the Ether to reveal interesting energy patterns within.

14th August, Healing with Sacred Symbols, Adrian Incledon-Webber

Intent is so important when carrying out any form of healing, but how do we underpin or anchor our intent? Working with sacred symbols can and will help. Our ancestors knew about such things and we have forgotten so much!

11th September, Dowsing for Your Health, Grace and Andrew Edgar

Evaluate the main causes of emotional, psychological and physical stress in your life. Evaluate the best way of losing weight for you.

2nd October, Labyrinth Walking, Grace & Andrew Edgar

What is a Labyrinth and how it is used for meditation and psychological, emotional and spiritual development.

13th November, Archaeology and Dowsing – New Discoveries in Stonehenge, Don Bryan

Leading Dowser Archaeologist will present the comprehensive story of the Stonehenge, illustrating it from both points of view - archaeology and dowsing.

11th December, Christmas Party, we meet for a meal in Chapter, followed by Christmas Party upstairs with screening CDs on dowsing and healing.