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Dartmoor Mindscapes - Re-Visioning A Sacred Landscape

Event date: 22nd October 2017

Source: Thames Valley Dowsers

A talk with Peter Knight on the subject of his latest book.

"I have read your book and have thoroughly enjoyed it - it is refreshing, full of energy and the product of much worthwhile observation and reading. Hopefully, it will become the base text for those wishing to expand their vision of prehistoric Dartmoor"

Tom Greeves, Chairman, The Dartmoor Society

This groundbreaking book covers the author's research, including profound personal experiences, based on ‘cognitive archaeology’. He uncovers the intricate relationships between tor outcrops and other natural features, with stone circles, stone rows, cairns and megaliths. This book insightfully proposes how our prehistoric ancestors interacted with notable outcrops, simulacra, rock basins and propped stones; the author gets inside the minds of prehistoric people and their shamans, to walk their Dreamtime. We are invited to perceive landscapes as interfaces, saturated with cultural and mythic memory. Peter suggests ways to walk and interact with the landscape in a more meaningful and mindful way today, to develop deeper connections with the sacred and ancient mindscapes of Dartmoor.

The book also covers earth energies and dowsing, shamanism, acoustics, astronomical and landscape alignments, and much more!

This is the author's 11th book exploring sacred sites and indigenous, ancient wisdom.

Signed copies of the book will be available to buy

Venue: The Penn Room at Jordans Quaker Centre

Doors open at 2:00pm for 2:15pm running to 4:30 p.m. approximately

Members £3 Non members £5

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