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Join British Dowsers in Brittany! 14-19 May 2017

Event date: 14th May 2017

Source: The British Society of Dowsers - The Earth Energies

Bill Holding is very excited to invite you to join him and a group of other Earth Energies enthusiasts on a trip to explore some of the ancient sites of Brittany in north west France.

Dowsers of all levels of skill are welcome to join us on this trip. In addition to Bill as leader, Nigel Twinn, Steve Dawson and other experienced dowsers will be on hand to share their knowledge and offer guidance and encouragement to those who would like it.

The Brittany Trip Programme includes visits to Carnac, a boat trip to the Gavrinis Passage Tomb and visit to Menhir Brisé at Locmariaquer, a visit to the village of Trédion and the ‘Jean Babouin’ carved menhir and ‘Loges aux Loups’ ruined covered alley. The ancient city of Quimper on market day, St-Goazec standing stones, menhirs and covered alley (gallery grave), Huelgoat village, ‘The Wedding Party Alignment’ 77 stones at Brasparts, menhirs and covered alleys, the Cairn at Barnenez, the largest mausoleum in Europe, Kernic Galley Grave at Plouescat and finally Kerloas Menhir at Saint-Renan, the world’s tallest Menhir. It is a long drive but the coastal scenery is wonderful.

Travel and accommodation are being left for individuals to organise for themselves.

Further Information - Loads of information about the sites, the local area and accommodation is readily available on the internet. For information relating specifically to arrangements for this trip, feel free to contact Bill on +44 (0)1653 618652 or at

Booking There has already been a lot of interest in this trip and places are limited so, if you would like to join us and I hope you will, please book as soon as possible.

The price for the full six days is £80 for members, £95 for non-members. However you can attend as many or as few days as you prefer. Please click the links below for the full itinerary and booking form containing detailed information on rates and payment instructions.

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