Are you looking for a dowser to help you?

In accordance with its charitable objectives, The Society maintains a Register of Professional Dowsers for the benefit of anyone who is seeking the services of a dowser for any purpose.

This Register includes members of the Society who have provided references from clients or patients or such other evidence as the Council of the Society deemed appropriate.  They will/may charge for their services and you should discuss this with them before entering into any contract.


Name: Gaye Annand
0207 821 8061
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Map Dowsing.  Dowsing for the Health of Individuals and Animals.  Testing for food intolerances and allergies.

Name: Sylvia Bennett
07779 139187
Area: Site visits in Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, London, throughout the UK & Europe and remote dowsing services worldwide.
Specialism: include Water divination: Map dowsing: Property and land services: Restorative rebalancing of subtle environments: Geopathic and electro stress solutions.

Sylvia is a founder member of the BSD Professional Dowsers register. An accomplished and sensitive professional dowser with 30 years of international practice generating wellbeing in environments through site visits or remotely. She provides a range of dowsing and environmental services including:

– Dowsing investigations and solutions for your home, workplace and land.

– Locating water sources and map dowsing.

– Environmental surveys & remedial assistance for electromagnetic, geopathic and geopsychic stress.

– Subtle energy cleansing and restorative rebalancing with traditional earth acupuncture.

– Feng Shui consulting, interior architectural design and landscape reconfiguration.

‘Since your visit, our home definitely feels happier, clearer & calmer - I know this will sound crazy but the house also feels bigger somehow! ‘
‘Sylvia, something magical happens when you visit.’

Name: Elizabeth Brown
+377 9777 1929
07974 918927
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Identification of causative factors behind illness and disease – specialising in cancer, autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome and allergies.  Works at distance or on site and travels globally.

Professional dowser and author of the internationally best-selling and award-winning book, DOWSING – The Ultimate Guide for the 21st Century, Elizabeth has been dowsing for 30 years.  With clients in more than 30 countries, she works on-site or at distance with private clients and in support of doctors, dentists and health professionals in identifying causative factors behind ill health — particularly cancer, autoimmune disease, ME, skin disorders and conditions that have no orthodox label.  Her groundbreaking work in the field of Causative Diagnosis® has transformed many hundreds of lives. Elizabeth’s credits include:  The Times, Daily Telegraph, Natural Health Magazine, Kindred Spirit, Integrated Cancer & Oncology Magazine, and Channel 4 Television.

Name: Martin Cardwell
07884 262344
Area: London, Kent, Surrey & anywhere in UK/Europe
Specialism: Dowsing and treatment of Geopathic Stress. A professional dowser and Feng Shui Consultant for more than 20 years. Specialities include:- * Locating and remedying Geopathic Stress & Technopathic/ Electromatic Stress. * Dowsing & creating Sacred Spaces. * Map & distance dowsing. * Feng Shui & Space Clearing (accredited consultant with the Feng Shui Society). * Spirit release. * House Blessings..* Dowsing – Health/ Healing.

Name: Paul Craddock
01202 462762
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Dowsing and treatment of Geopathic Stress.

Name: Richard Creightmore
East Sussex
01825 713836
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Dowsing and treatment of Geopathic Stress.  Dowsing for Water Sources.  Dowsing for the health of individuals using relevant treatment.

Name: Sare Doughty Bassett
01737 241951 / 07910230395
Area: London, Surrey, South East UK, Worldwide.
Specialism: Property & Health. Geopathic stress; treatment and clearing of geopathic energies, new home blessing, curse removal, Feng Shui. Health Dowsing; dowsing combined with Health Kinesiology™ Natural Bioenergetics™ and Touch for Health™ practice offering a wide range of powerful procedures designed to trigger your unique self-healing and find what will the most helpful individual support for total wellness. 

Sara is a professional dowser, qualified health kinesiologist and holistic therapist and is the founder of an integrative health and well-being practice. She has many years of experience and skills working with disturbed geo psychic energy and its links to pain, insomnia, low and unsettled energy, persistent viruses and recovery from illness and injury. Sare also works at a distance using remote dowsing techniques to help people around the world.

“Your dowsing has been very accurate about me, Brilliant. What you have done has confirmed lots of things I had thought about. I definitely feel better and have more energy”
“This was a fascinating session, I was intrigued to hear what needed working on – Sara was spot on!”
“Thank you for helping us and coming back with the links! Using this opportunity, I want to give a feedback also: two nights after your visit I had a proper sleep and good dreams (not my usual nightmares)!”

Call or email to book in, or for a FREE initial telephone consultation.

Name:Jim J Doyle
+44 (0)7711 330211
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Identification and healing of root causes of imbalances and distress for people, places and businesses.

A lifelong dowser, intuitive, professional energy healer, ancestral and epigentics specialist, and electronics specialist, Jim focuses on restoring balance and harmony to people, places and businesses. Jim uses a range of techniques to identify emotional and energetic blocks from known and unknown sources, then works with you to clear them and ensure they are cleared.Career or business stagnation, Limiting beliefs, Undiagnosed and unresolved health conditions, Life crisis from complex sources Leadership empowerment Confidence on stage and video Geopathic stress(Earth Energies ),  electromagnetic stress.

"I originally visited Jim to help me with multiple life crises. After a few sessions together several people were amazed at the increase in my self-confidence. I also found the courage to make huge life changes which had previously appeared terrifying. That was five years ago. Now I live my life the way I want and I'm happier than I could ever have imagined."  Sue D. UK
“Thank you to Jim for his work and help. He helped me to return to myself and aligned everything. Changes have been noticeable not only by myself but also by close people to me.” -Elvira, central Russia
"I had my first session with Jim today. I was sceptical and nervous as I have studied a lot of energy medicine (7 years now) and been supported by Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Kinesiology and Reiki. I was unsure of whether his training would introduce anything new, I have some degenerative pathology which mainstream medicine is unable to help me with. It is 12 hours since my treatment with Jim and I am astounded at the shifts in the energy centres he was allowed to work on today. The shifts are profound and I have much less blockage in the those areas, I can feel the difference, I am very surprised." Final Year Homeopath
“Jim saved my life” - Karen Bashford
"I came here nervous, full of fear and with all my baggage. I knew it was going to be okay because I asked an angel just before I came if it was going to be okay and I got a yes. That's good enough for me. I expected some kind of healing, I was not sure what. But what I did get was just out of this world. It was beyond my wildest dreams that I would walk out of here, get in my car with the biggest grin on my face and my problems have dispersed, melted, just gone away. I can carry on and keep learning and just be happy knowing that I have learned some more things on the way. I am totally grateful for what you've done today." Catalina, Cambridge, UK

Name: Branwen Edwards
Area: UK & worldwide
Specialism: Dowsing and treatment of Geopathic Stress.  Working with trapped spirits.

Name: Linda Fentum, BSc (Hons) 
Area: The area I cover is generally: Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, West Midlands, Carmarthenshire, Powys, Brecon and South Wales. I can travel further afield and internationally, if required.
Specialism: Providing water divining and dowsing services to farmers, production plants, estate managers, smallholdings and householders – searching for the best supply of water available for the client, deprnding on their requirements.

17 years dowsing experience and included in 2 professional registers as a Water Diviner. Working with clients to improve the energy of their water, if required.
Offering additional advice on extraction, storage and filtration, if needed.
I usually work remotely, initially – researching the geology of the area, wherever possible and viewing local borehole records. A site visit is usually the next step, if I have dowsed that I am able to help the client.

Case Study 1 – Carmarthenshire – located the site for a borehole on the side of a hill – the client had the borehole drilled and was very pleased to have ‘lots of water’ for his dairy herd.
Case Study 2 – Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire – dowsed the remote site for a client with ponies, who was collecting and transporting spring water for the troughs. Dowsed a very good supply that more that met her needs – client was elated at not having to fetch the water anymore!
Case Study 3 – Powys – identified a borehole site, for a chicken farmer, with a prediction of 7.1 gallons per minute. The driller estimated 6.9 gpm, when drilled. The farmer was very happy!
Case Study 4 – Herefordshire – dowsed to identify a suitable source of water, for the client, after 3 unsuccessful boreholes were dowsed/drilled by others!

Name: Matthew French
01458 250465
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Healing of homes, businesses, land and people; spirit release; removal of poltergeists; lifting of curses and spells. All my work is achieved remotely so my client list includes people from worldwide e.g. USA, Malaysia, Costa Rica, S. Africa, Europe, Australia, etc; Technopathic stress and Electromagnetic radiations resolved; transformation of buildings and people. My work has transformed people’s lives from saving marriages, to enabling people to obtain a job, improving people’s health, to causing houses to be sold and improving businesses and helping them be sold. I have the gift and learned the skill to achieve all this for the benefit of clients. I also undertake a free check, without obligation, on any house or office – see   I also include for all clients a six month guarantee and follow-up period, which can be extended by mutual consent. A number of clients have really welcomed this built-in insurance policy. I also have the ability to help people with their health both in diagnosis and remedying ailments. I often have referrals from complementary health practitioners who find my work really helpful for them.  I also run courses teaching various levels of dowsing.
For testimonials, please visit
I am a qualified Lightbody healer.

‘Fabulous, as ever and all encompassing. …More than I ever expected’ ‘Matt has done a brilliant job, harmonizing the energies in my home. There was not a single room I could relax and feel comfortable in, and I just did not understand it. I felt rather ungrateful. I was so fortunate to find Matt, who transformed my Cottage. It is now a very comfortable, relaxing and cosy home. The difference was remarkable and I was so delighted, that I asked for Matt’s help. After many years it is completely transformed. I am so happy now. It is a miracle. I am really grateful to Matt. This has been life changing for me.’

Name: Grahame Gardner
Area: UK
Specialism: Location & treatment of Geopathic & Technopathic Stress. EMF surveys, spirit release. Dowsing for water sources. Creating sacred spaces.

Grahame is a Life Member and Past President of The British Society of Dowsers (2008-2014), and is also a member of the Canadian and American dowsing societies, a founder member of The Geomancy Group and co-founder (with Susan Collins) of, offering global dowsing solutions. He is a regular speaker and workshop leader at international conferences.

As a professional geomancer, Grahame’s specialties include:

  • Remedial geopathic stress work for homes and offices
  • Spirit release of human discarnates, and working to resolve problems with non-human entities and nature spirits affecting a property.
  • Technopathic stress work involving electromagnetic and microwave surveys using scientific instruments; consultations and advice on reducing exposure to these radiations.
  • Dowsing for and consulting on new sacred spaces, particularly labyrinths, stone circles and standing stones.
  • Dowsing for water sources and geothermal pumps
  • Workshops and talks on dowsing and geomancy-related subjects.

More details and contact information can be found at

Grahame spent about 4 hours at our place and paced thru our summer jungle uncomplainingly. He was very professional, open and helpful about what he was doing and answered our many questions. We both found our home felt quite different after he had been, quieter and more peaceful ... We have no hesitation in recommending Grahame.
Grahame was very professional and conducted a very full survey ... and replied to all my queries very knowledgeably home now feels a much more calm and peaceful place to live.
The house feels lighter. My daughter noticed a difference on her return here after two months.
Thank you for coming last week ... the house feels great now - especially the main bedroom. It's a new house!

Name: Peter Golding. BA, C.Eng, MIET
01453 890316
Area: UK
Specialism: Dowsing for Water Sources.  Dowsing for the Health of Individuals. Dowsing to clear Geopathic Stress.

Forty years dowsing experience. Dowsing for water – location, depth, quantity, quality. Buried cables - location, faults. Buried pipes - location, faults. Archaeology - location, depth, age. Health – locating sources of illness, spiritual healing. Remote dowsing worldwide. Dowsing in UK, Austria, Saudi Arabian desert. Appeared on National Graphic TV, German ARD TV, Radio Gloucestershire. Founder of Slimbridge Dowsing Group. Published three books: Experiences of an Old Dowser. Dowsing for Water – The Complete Practical Guide. Dowsing for Health and Spiritual Healing.

Name: Sara Greenwood
07894 718074
Area: UK wide, SW England, Home Counties.
Specialism: The identification, remediation and harmonising of geopathic and geospychic stress within living spaces, work places and land. I offer onsite consultations to work towards achievement of your goals and to support well-being. I can also help through distance work from floorplans and photographs. Identification of technopathic stress (e.g. WiFi, Microwave, etc), using scientific instruments and provision of advice on protection and shielding. I can work with you to design and create sacred spaces at your home and premises.

Sara has a varied background of experience from which she is able to harvest a unique combination of skills and knowledge to assist and inform her work. Her early training was as an environmental biologist, with many years experience of managing conservation & environmental education projects; also co-founding and developing a social and therapeutic horticulture charity, and working within and for eco-therapy and well-being organisations. Through these she has cultivated a sensitivity and a deep connection to the land, and an understanding of how places and people interact. Sara learned to dowse as a teenager, and over her lifetime has built upon this foundation with formal training in geomancy, mindfulness and a wide range of healing modalities, to develop the skills and experience necessary to practise professionally. She is a founder member and former Chair of the Geomancy Group – a professional peer support group for practising geomancers.
“I have used Sara on several occasions. Firstly to help sell my deceased mother’s property, which took many years to sell. After Sara’s work not only did we sell it but the purchaser said it was their dream home! This year I also am selling another property. After Sara’s comprehensive and excellent work, a buyer appeared out of nowhere! It is amazing energy work and it works!” JL, Harrogate and London
“Dear Sara, I feel so lucky to have spent two days with you in the beautiful woods of Buckinghamshire. Dipping my toes into the intriguing world of earth energies, you provided me with some very useful tools and techniques to connect to nature and to communicate with the natural world that surrounds me. Thanks for sharing your interesting thoughts and valuable skills, for answering my many questions and for creating many more. You definitely whetted my appetite.” – Karen
“I must say that things picked up quite dramatically at work towards the end of last year in the office after your visit and it was funny that a number of my colleagues (who as you know were unaware of your visit) made comments along the lines of ‘the vibe in the office feels much better’! That’s when I knew business had improved. Something has definitely been lifted, I am sure. As for me, I think my physical health has improved. I will check in with you again as I am keen to monitor and keep things positive for the foreseeable future. Thank you!” RB, London
“After living in our current house for the last 14 years we have had a range of bizarre physical symptoms and deteriorating health problems. Sara’s initial consultation confirmed that our house was under a high level of geopathic and geopsychic stress. Six weeks after Sara has performed some earth acupuncture and clearing of energies, we all feel a lot calmer, with symptoms at first reducing, to now finally settling. We all now sleep better too. We can’t thank Sara enough for what she has done, our only wish is that we had been aware of her and dowsing sooner. Sara is very professional in her work and clearly knows her field very well. I would recommend her services to both homes and businesses to improve health and positive energy flow.” GM Luton

Name: Shulamis Ruth Grossberger
Specialism: Dowses for the health and wellbeing of individuals.

Name: Anna Guerrier
Area: Worldwide
Specialism: Dowses for the health and wellbeing of individuals and uses a wide range of energetic and vibrational remedies to restore balance and equilibrium.

Name: Veronica Hufford
01480 450920
Area: UK
Specialism: Dowsing and treatment of Geopathic Stress and healing of sick buildings.

Name: Melinda Iverson Inn
Area: United States and Worldwide
Specialism: Dowsing for the Health of Individuals using Energetic Healing systems.

Name: Ced Jackson
West Midlands
01684 560265
Area: England and Wales
Specialism: Dowsing for Geopathic Stress and dowsing for the health of individuals.

Name: Sandra Kendrew
North Yorkshire
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: On site or distant dowsing and healing of property & occupants (if required) to find non beneficial energies which are then removed and the client shown how to keep the energies clear. Also courses offered.

Name: Barbara Mastropirro
Area: UK, SE England
Specialism: Barbara is a Kinesiologist diplomate, Kinesiology teacher, nutritional and Homeo-botanical therapist, Geomancer and Intuitive Mentor, which is her latest addition to her practice. Her kinesiology clinic is based in Chingford, close to the beautiful Lea Valley and Epping Forest. She also works remotely and helps her clients nationwide.

Name: Alanna Moore
Area: International
Specialism: An Australian geomancer living in Ireland with nearly 40 years dowsing experience, Alanna specialises in assessing landscapes and home places for their spiritual qualities, as well as geopathic stress. She can identify and negotiate with nature spirits for peaceful co-existence and help to clear unhelpful entities. Map dowsing is the preferred method, working remotely.

See for further details.

Name: Anne Morley
West Sussex
01903 784263
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Dowsing for the health of animals; identifying sensitivities deficiences and finding remedies.  Dowsing for the Health of Individuals; identifying food and environmental sensitivities and solutions and supporting body systems.

Name: Suzi Morris
07786 900713
Area: UK
Specialism: Dowsing and treatment of Geopathic Stress.  Healing houses and Spirit Release.
Suzi has been working as a healer for over 36 years. “The House Whisperer”, is the most respected and prominent property healer in the UK. Using dowsing rods to detect Geopathic Stress and Vortex Energy Healing® to remove negative energies and entities, she transforms buildings feeling sad and depressed in to brighter, happier places. So effective are her techniques that those who enlist her help find their lives positively enhanced as a result of her intervention. For some, it is even life changing. Working for clients across the UK, Europe and USA, Suzi truly has a gift like no other in the world

Name: John Moss
01736 740093
Area: On-site dowsing – West Cornwall.  Map dowsing – UK
Specialism: Geopathic Stress, identification and treatment.  Spirit Release. Advice about Electro-stress (WIFI etc).  Advice on creation of sacred space.  I have been teaching dowsing for the Society and privately since 2003.

Name: Lynn Osborne
Dowsing With Soul
Nr Ludlow, South Shropshire UK
01584 892049
Area:  I have a place in Bitterley Nr Ludlow, South Shropshire where I see clients, and also work remotely with people all over the world.

Specialism: I use Dowsing in a Multi-Dimensional Way – Physical Health, Emotions, Mind and Soul.  Investigating causes of dis-ease, health issues, non-beneficial belief patterns and emotions, and investigating areas that are blocking full expression of your true self.  I also use dowsing to find the optimum ways to change for each individual.

I teach a variety of dowsing courses related to my experiences and findings over many years.  Please check out my website for further information

Name: Chris Phillips
07785 790771
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Dowsing for the Health of individuals using flower essences.

Name: Kate Quartermaine
01244 535 686
Area: UK
Specialism: Health dowsing, looking at factors on all levels.  I work with various techniques, if and when appropriate, including healing, flower and other remedies, nutritional assessment and advice, allergy testing and detoxification support, Bowen technique.

Name: Julie Rocka
East Sussex
01825 713836
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Dowsing and treatment of Geopathic Stress

Name: Sue Scott Powell
PENN, Near Beaconsfield
01494 813214
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism:  Dowsing for health of individuals by releasing inherited, chemical and emotional blocks within the body which deplete the body of nutrients. Establishing the location and treatment of Geopathic Stress and other negative phenomena. I work remotely with clients using photographs and floor plans and have clients all over the world.

I use dowsing to determine the absorption level of vitamins, minerals, tissue salts, oils and other nutrients which the body needs to operate effectively. By addressing the problems of inherited pre-dispositions, chemical toxins, emotional trauma, miasms and other inherited and negative blocks which have become “stuck”, the body is able to return to optimal health.

I also believe that the presence of Geopathic Stress is a major cause of  illness in the home and it is important to address this issue along with any other negative influences before the personal healing can start.

I was pleased to receive a personal Award from the BSD for my work in setting up the Thames Valley Dowsers Group, who also won the BSD Award in 2017 for the best Affiliated Group. With upwards of 60 members, we arrange monthly talks and field trips and hold regular teaching sessions for beginners.

Name: Susie Shaw
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Dowsing and Treatment of Geopathic Stress. Space Clearing, Spirit Release & Feng Shui

Name: Susan Skinner

Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Professional Dowser for Land, Buildings and Spirit Presence

I have been a dowser since the year 2000 and registered with the British Society of Dowsers as a professional dowser for land, buildings and spirit presence since 2004.  When dowsing a property I generally work from a distance using remote dowsing, however if the situation indicates that a visit is required, I will visit the location.  Client evaluations of dowsing work that I have undertaken are available in the BSD office and are available for review.

Please contact me if:

  • if you would like a dowsed assessment of a property, prior to buying or renting
  • You have concerns about the property or land where you live or work and would like an assessment made of the space using dowsing techniques.

I will then;

  • Listen to your requests and concerns as a basis for the dowsed assessment of the area.
  • Dowse the space with care and precision
  • Provide you with a full written report detailing the findings of the assessment, give details of the work done to improve the land or property using dowsing techniques and suggestions on other things that can be done to make further improvements.
  • A follow – up telephone contact or email to ensure that the dowsing brought about some improvement and has been helpful to you

I will usually request an outline plan that shows the layout of the building or land to assist with the dowsing and provide clarity and orientation to the written report.

Teacher of Dowsing

I run dowsing study days on a regular basis and welcome anyone who wants to learn the elements of dowsing.
I also welcome experienced dowsers who wish to expand their dowsing expertise.

  • The basic practice of dowsing
  • Dowsing health matters
  • Dowsing land and property
  • Dowsing your soul self
  • Exploring dowsed energy

Please make initial contact using the email or telephone number given above for the land and property dowsing services or to find out more about the dowsing education days.

Name: Peter Stott
01926 851898
07989 675 971
Area: UK & Europe
Specialism: Harmonising of detrimental energies, including Geopathic Stress

I have been a Professional Dowser for 25 years and specialise in the identifying and harmonising of detrimental energies of all kinds in domestic and business environments.  These detrimental energies include Geopathic Stress, predecessor energy, electromagnetic fields, microwaves (mobile phones) and ‘uninvited guests’ from the spirit world.

I prefer to work on site where I can demonstrate the changes that occur following my work, but my work is also effective when working remotely.

The following is a testimonial, which is typical of the changes that my clients experience following an energy clearing.

“Well, I cannot believe that it is only two weeks since you cleared the house, it seems so much longer. The first thing that I noticed was a palpable silence and quietness, even though it has always been a quiet and peaceful house to me. I have had music on a lot less, and just want quiet and stillness. The next major thing I noticed was that I do not wake up aching any more. I used to wake most mornings feeling very achy, which I had put down to my physical job and possibly that my mattress was coming to the end of its life. I would say that after the clearing I slept more for about a week, but now my energy seems to have improved greatly and I am extremely active, more active than for many years.”

I work closely with alternative health professionals who identify Geopathic Stress in their clients, which is preventing their treatments from being effective.  This work takes me all over the United Kingdom and I also work in Europe and other parts of the world.

I have been teaching dowsing and the treatment of detrimental energies for many years both for the Society and privately.

I was one of the first Feng Shui practitioners to be accredited by the Feng Shui Society and I am a Source Energy Healing practitioner.

Please contact me either by phone or email for a preliminary discussion to see how I can help.

Name: Vicky Sweetlove
01279 654129
07885 945008
Area: Working in London, all UK and Worldwide, onsite visits and remote work for homes and businesses (30 minutes from London)
Specialism: Space Clearing and harmonising the energies of the home, land and offices harmonising negative energies, Geopathic stress, EMF/Wifi surveys, Spirit Release working with the energy of the land for the health and wellbeing of the occupants of homes and offices. Locating water sources and working on Art Projects and Installations, check out the projects here

Vicky consults onsite and remotely for the treatment of Geopathic stress and Geopsychic stress carrying out earth acupuncture and other techniques to harmonise the energies of homes and offices. She also uses professional meters to carry out Wifi/EMF surveys. She is a Feng Shui Consultant and Shamanic practitioner particularly working with space clearing the energy of land and homes where there is negative and stuck energy.

What people say about Vicky;

Thank you so much Vicky, I am really grateful for all your work, the changes were seen within a week specially with the job offer – its amazing! I have always believed in Feng shui but the space clearing and rituals you carried out has definitely proven to be working as I am not that anxious and stressed anymore. I feel confident and the house feel like very good too. I certainly would recommend you to my friends and take future advice. Great work Vicky- God bless, continue spreading positivity! Parminder Preet Kaur, London
We had the best nights sleep in months !! Raffy settled well and slept 10/11 hours in his new bedroom too. Things are definitely different!!! Thank you again. Ella, Duxford
"Vicky, A big thank you for everything. You are making a big difference into my life and I am really grateful as each time it gives me more energy and positivity. Thank you so much Vicky". Virginie, London

Vicky also works with Artists working with them on their Art Installations whether it be where to plant a palm tree or following the Rivers of London.  Vicky will locate water leaks sources of water for farms, homes and golf courses. She teaches courses in Dowsing for Health, Introduction to Dowsing and a Space Clearing Earth Alchemy Practitioner Course working with earth energies and showing students how to connect with the land and to harmonise the energies of their homes and offices.

Vicky can be contacted at email :

Name: Kit Temple
07555 155172
Area: Consultations hosted in Cambridge
Specialism: Dowsing for health by investigating the root causes of health problems including physiological issues, energetic problems, diet, toxins and home environment. Assistance includes directing the body’s repair systems, energetic clearing and diet suggestions.