The Phoenix Point


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The Phoenix Point.  The Quest for the Science of the Paranormal.
By Geoffrey Crockford and Nigel Hughes.

One aspect of the paranormal has finally yielded to a scientific study.  A new scientific paradigm clearly demonstrates that humans have a sixth, magnetic sense.  We live our lives immersed in a sea of magnetic energy that originates from the matter of the Earth and from the stars, planets and their moons.  The energy contains an enormous amount of information that can be read using a powerful analytical process called Biolocation.
The sense is particularly attuned to a point in an electromagnetic wave where its energy field dies and regenerates as it travels.  Linking the sense to this ‘Phoenix Point’ resulted in many major discoveries.
The people of pre-roman Britain built so called stone monuments that were in fact impressive magnetic energy machines.  Stonehenge and ‘The Cove’ at Avebury still work today.
This knowledge was lost as a result of a Roman genocide. Subsequent ignorance of the role the sense plays in human biology banished it to the world of the paranormal.  Why the existence of this sixth sense has evaded science for so long must be a ‘wake up call’ for the effectiveness of modern scientific thinking.
Reports of electronic equipment causing ill health are increasing and conventional scientific paradigms have been unable to link the two.  The scientific paradigm underlying the human magnetic sense clearly shows that advances in Information and Communication Technology are flooding our environment with complex, magnetic fields that may be toxic to our nervous system.  The paradigm questions whether research into electronic health concerns is looking at the wrong causes of a potentially very serious, large scale illness.

Geoffrey Crockford & Nigel Hughes
Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Biolocation Services (15 April 2011)

Geoffrey Crockford