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Grahame Gardner

Grahame Gardner

Professional Practitioner

Telephone: 01413393554

Remedial geopathic stress work for homes and offices, using dowsing and earth acupuncture techniques to harmonise underground water lines, energy leys, global geomagnetic grids and other earth energy manifestations.

Technopathic stress work involving electromagnetic and microwave surveys using scientific instruments; consultations and practical advice on reducing exposure to these radiations.

Spirit release of human discarnates, and working to resolve problems with non-human entities, nature spirits and other landscape issues affecting a property.

Dowsing for and consulting on the creation of new sacred spaces, particularly labyrinths, stone circles, garden features and standing stones.

Dowsing for water sources.

Central Scotland & UK Worldwide remote dowsing

Please note: The Society considers that the client and dowser must discuss the question of fees before any work is agreed. The BSD cannot accept responsibility for any loss as a result of the actions of dowsers listed on this website.

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