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Paul Martin Craddock

Paul Craddock

Professional Tutor

Telephone: 01202 462762

Paul Craddock is a qualified adult education tutor and a British Society of Dowsers approved tutor who in addition to running private courses has successful run dowsing courses for Borough of Bournemouth Adult Education Service. Paul has over 35 years experience in dowsing and intuition. He was also the past editor of the British Society of Dowsers E.E.G newsletter. His successful courses have been featured in the press and on television.

Paul has the following BSD Approved courses running

You can start the course at any time after receiving the lessons and take as long as you want to complete it

Dowsing for Beginners HOME STUDY

The 8-lesson home study course costs £89.00. A money back guarantee is offered in the first 14 days. Ask for details

The course comes with personal tutor support. The course is sent by E-mail and/or compact CD disk by post. Files are kept to 2meg for dispatch by e-mail so most students should be able to receive the course via E-mail. Tutor support is by email unless a phone conversation becomes necessary. If you do not have access to a computer or e-mail it is still possible to take the home study course but costs would be higher. Please contact me for details or visit:

Dowsing for beginners (foundation course) Earth energies Geopathic stress Dowsing for intent and manifestation Dowsing for geo-psychic stress