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Bill Holding

Bill Holding

Professional Tutor

Telephone: 01653 618 652 / 07936 407 690

As a BSD Tutor I have taught many courses over the years from beginners to experienced dowsers.

I am often asked "can anyone dowse" and the answer is a definite YES. Some people catch on to the skills quickly, whereas others may take a little longer. No matter, we are all composed of the same 'stuff' therefore each of us has the ability to become a good dowser, with the correct guidance.

Many of my students and friends are aware of my teaching enthusiasm and ability during training periods, so I leave you to decide your course of action in selecting the course of your choice

BSD "Foundation Course in Dowsing" BSD "Introduction to Earth Energies and the Spirit of Place" BSD "Environmental Healing" "Understanding Geopathic Stress" Labyrinth Construction, Design and Use.