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Don Bryan

Don Bryan

Professional Tutor

Don Bryan has been a practicing dowser for over 50 years. He is an archaeologist and local historian. He obtained his degree in archaeology from Southampton University following early retirement from British Telecom for whom he had worked for 30 years. Following on from his degree, Don acquired a teaching qualification and he became a tutor.

He is a lecturer in archaeology and local history and regularly gives talks to local groups and societies. His specialty is studying the pre-historic period, especially the Neolithic Culture, hence his interest in the landscapes of Avebury and Stonehenge. Don has studied the Neolithic culture from The Shetland Isles to The Scillies and from Ireland to Kent.

Don is also a British Society of Dowsers Tutor and loves to pass on his knowledge to others. He is currently Chairman of the BSD Archaeology Special Interest Group.

Don was the instigator in setting up the Hampshire Archaeological Dowsers and is currently the Archaeological Director of the group. He regularly leads field trips to areas of archaeological and dowsing interest as well as running a local dowsing survey programme.

Wearing another hat, Don has been a Registered Blue Badge Tourist Guide for 25 years and guides locally in Wessex and extended tours across Britain. He is also involved as a tutor on the Tourist Guide Training Courses.

Don is running an intro to Archaeological dowsing on the 21st Feb. Please click on the website button on the right