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Ron Dudley-Smith

Ron Dudley-Smith

Professional Tutor

Telephone: 01525 370224 / 07890 037315

I have been dowsing for over 50 years. In the late 80's I worked with Maria Wheatley's father Dennis; in one weekend he changed my life, with his passion, knowledge and insight into the art of dowsing. Once learnt you can gain knowledge way beyond comprehension as Dennis did with me. All I want to do is pass on my dowsing experiences to others. It is truly enlightening and could be one more step on the wonderful journey of life.

I have tutored for the B.S.D nationwide, run workshops from home and also at the Rollright Stones (Oxfordshire) near Chipping Norton from Spring to Autumn. I also give talks, demonstrations and workshops to Schools, Clubs such as the Rotary club, the WI, U3A, Pagan and Philosophical groups. Please see my website for more information and dates of my 2017 workshops, or contact me direct.