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Professional Registered BSD Tutors

Find Professional Registered BSD Tutors. These members of the Society have provided references from clients or patients or such other evidence as the Council of the Society deemed appropriate. They will charge for their services and you should discuss this with them before entering into any contract. Use the options on the right of the page to refine your search by location or specialism. Select the name or photo of any individual to view further details.

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Showing 16 tutors.

  • David Lockwood

    David Lockwood

    David Lockwood Dowser Geomancer Healer Teacher Dowsing is a simple but...

    Earth energies and health issues that are detrimental to our wellbeing in healing homes, buildings and land i.e. battle fields etc.

  • Anne Morley

    No bio provided yet...

  • John Moss

    John Moss

    John, with his wife Jill, started dowsing in 1996 and they have been running courses and workshops since 2003. John was a...

    John runs a range of dowsing workshops in West Cornwall. The 2017 schedule for these includes BSD courses in other parts of the country. Full details on website below. John also offers individual tuition and dowsing trips to the ancient sites of Cornwall and Dartmoor, by arrangement.

  • Susan Skinner

    Susan Skinner

    I have worked as a nurse, midwife and neonatal nurse and for the last 15 years of my professional life career, I was a...

    Dowsing foundation Course. Buildings, locations, land and gardens. Esoteric dowsing, unfolding the soul and spirit self. Dowsing for Health

  • Peter Stott

    Peter Stott

    I have been a BSD registered Tutor for more than 15 years and have taught successful courses both for the BSD and privately...

    Introduction and Foundation Courses in Dowsing. Geopathic Stress. Dowsing and Feng Shui. Joey Korn methods of healing places and people.

  • Vicky Sweetlove

    Vicky Sweetlove

    Vicky Sweetlove is a qualified teacher and a British Society of Dowsers tutor. She has been teaching Dowsing courses for...

    Vicky runs certificated courses in Introduction to Dowsing, Earth Energies, Spirit of Place. Geopathic Stress and EMFs, and Geopsychic Stress . Dowsing For Health and Workshops on Working with Nature Spirits workshop Introduction to Dowsing one day The courses are held at weekends in the city of London. and the College of Psychic Studies, London