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Diverse Dowsing DVD
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In 'Diverse Dowsing', Hamish Miller gives an earthy, honest, practical demonstration of basic dowsing tools, instruction on dowsing techniques, and a "potted history" of their various developments, which takes you quickly and expertly beyond the popular perception of dowsing as 'just a way of finding water'.

Dowsing skills have developed to sophisticated levels which require practitioners to specialise in a particular field so that they can provide confident and competent solutions to problems as they arise. As Hamish says. "I have been dowsing Earth Energy and it's manifestations for 26 years but because I'm a specialist in earth energy dowsing, when I needed to find the best source of water on my land. I called in a practicing water dowser"

These diverse specialities are explored in this film with expert practising dowsers. They talk knowledgeably and demonstrate their skills in this fascinating, colourful and intriguing film.

By watching this DVD, you will be left in no doubt that dowsing techniques are in the forefront of practical research into the mysteries of our complex human consciousness. You too, could learn how to open doorways to experiences far beyond our five senses.