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Special interest groups

Are you interested in archaeology?

Can you dowse? Then we can teach you how to find lost archaeological features.

Are you a Professional or Amateur Archaeologist? Then we can teach you to dowse.

The purpose of the Archaeological Dowsing Discipline is to foster the ability to find archaeological and other underground features by means of dowsing and where feasible encourage their excavation.

We can demonstrate that dowsing can make a valuable contribution to sub soil exploration. For example, we have completed dowsing surveys on sites, recorded buried structures and produced comprehensive reports. Subsequent geophysical surveys have shown an agreement with our surveys. Subsequent excavations revealed the walls indicated on the dowsed site plan.

Our discipline is open to all members of the BSD who have an interest in this intriguing area. We dowse both on site visits and use remote sensing with maps. We are often invited by interested landowners to visit many fascinating locations. On field trips we teach how to dowse, survey, mark out and record the sites. Members are happy to help newcomers develop their skills in archaeological dowsing. Reports are produced for every site dowsed. These reports are available to any interested person.

The discipline has active and local representation throughout the UK.

We are a lively and informal section of the BSD and welcome the company of like-minded people. On trips out, we often enjoy a pub meal together so that newcomers meet other members in convivial surroundings. Family members are also welcome, either to try dowsing or just to enjoy the historic and beautiful places we visit.

If you would like to find out more about archaeological dowsing, please contact our Archaeology Discipline co-ordinator Edwina Cole email:-

  • International Dowsing Day - Sunday 3rd May 2015

    International Dowsing Day - Sunday 3rd May 2015

    13th May '15

    We celebrated the International Dowsing Day by inviting HADS and other Dowsing Groups and members of the BSD to join us at Crickley Hill near Gloucester. After leaving home in the pouring rain I was very apprehensive about driving a full mini-bus to...

    Source: The British Society of Dowsers & The Archaeology

  • Gestingthorpe 2015

    Gestingthorpe 2015

    1st Apr '15

    Over the weekend of the 7th March, ten ADG members gathered at Hill Farm Gestingthorpe for our 2015 meeting. This year our investigation was around the Roman Villa. Don Bryan introduced the site for people who hadn’t been there before and added...

    Source: The British Society of Dowsers & The Archaeology

Group Contact

Edwina Cole

2 Nightingale Mews, Locks Heath, Hants, SO31 6GA

01489 583249