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Earth Energies

Special interest groups

The EEG was formed in 1995, and is the longest-running Dowsing Discipline of the BSD. We provide a platform for the free exchange of information and ideas between those involved in the study of Earth Energies. We are interested in:

Earth Mysteries and Earth Healing - including the study of ancient sites and the practice of geomancy; the nature of subtle earth energies and the harmonisation of detrimental earth radiation; crop circles; the effect of celestial mechanics on terrestial energies, and pretty much any other aspect of energy dowsing.

Technological and Scientific Research into Geopathic and Electromagnetic Stress and their effects on biological systems, and methods of ameliorating or eliminating these stresses.

We hold three main meetings a year plus outings at which members have the opportunity to meet and listen to experienced speakers, participate in workshops, and go on field trips. We also organise occasional specialist seminars for advanced earth energy dowsers.

We provide tutors and organise training courses for the BSD's Core Curriculum modules on Earth Energies.

Sorry, there are no events upcoming for Earth Energies.

Group Contact

William Holding

01653 618652