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British Dowsers Spring Symposium 2017                                                                     St. John's Campus, University of Worcester                                                                                          Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd April                                             

Dear Friends,

I’m delighted to bring you advance notice of this year’s Spring Symposium.

Consisting entirely of half-day practical workshops, this increasingly popular event is designed to provide opportunities for dowsers of levels of skill to increase their competence, extend their knowledge, broaden their horizons and have fun. There will also be time to socialise and, for those who wish, to eat together on Saturday evening.

This year’s offering of workshops is:

• David Charman teaching his highly successful method of viewing energies

• Making the best use of a wide range of dowsing tools – a coaching session led by Bill Holding, Christopher Strong and Derek Woodhead.

• Graham Wayt on dowsing for services (the pipes and cables that come into a house) plus how and why you should make a user manual for your home

• Anna Guerrier sharing a method of dowsing for healing remedies using an ancient system of Radiesthesia

• Fay Palmer on the benefits and methods of building miniliths

• Exploring the art of map dowsing using a range of familiar and exotic maps and pictures led by Andrew Edgar

• Map dowsing the energies around Uluru and Kata Tjuta in the Australian outback with Richard Summers, Nigel Twinn and, we hope, some Australian friends

• Sandy McKenzie expanding on her workshops at Conference exploring the power of shapes through energy pendulums and patterns

• Christopher Strong discussing the challenges of making the transition from amateur to professional dowsing

It is to the great credit to our Society that we can put on such a rich and varied programme from within our own membership. I do hope that you will be able to come along and join in the fun.

Our full programme is available here.

Book your place NOW!

For comments about last year’s Symposium, please see below.

'A real mind opener, fascinating and wonderful.'

'Great introduction to dowsing...'

'Excellent workshop, not long enough!'

'Absolutely first class.'

'Another fine mix of brief theory and lots of fun, illuminating, practical exercises.'

'I shall be talking about this one for ages!'

'Very helpful. Everything I hoped it would be’

'Entertaining. Enlightening.'

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